Silverfish are silvery in colour, shaped like a fish and they have a metallic shiny appearance. Silverfishes are also very well known as bristle tails. They have bristle-like three long appendages at the end of their body. The rear end of their body will pose tail-like appendages. Silverfish are mostly seen in most areas and where there is high humidity. They mostly tend to appear in bathrooms, basements and also attic places. They usually do not appear in front of the human unlike other insects and hence it is tough to find the presence of silver fishes.

Silverfish infestation in Australia:

Silverfish are the insects without wings, but then they can run very fast. A silverfish which is an adult will have a body of 12 to 19 mm length excluding the tail.

• They possess a flat body and their shape is similar to a teardrop, carrot or a fish. They are covered with scales similar to fish.

• They are in silver or gun metallic colour. They have long antennas like a thread. They also have small and compound eyes.

• Do not ignore any unusual marks, holes, and cracks on the walls. Silverfish often leave a yellow mark on the surfaces so you can identify in that way.

• Make sure you do not ignore any of the feces and scales have fallen on the surface as well.

• Think twice before ignoring the unusual marks and cracks on the walls and surfaces.
Silverfish control in Australia:

• Silverfish most often lies in the places where the food items are left uncovered.

• If the infestation is spread from the outside area, then it is necessary to check if there are any holes and cracks there. That holes and cracks need to be covered to avoid the silverfish arrival.

• Silverfish can climb the wall and can make way through the windows and doors. So it is essential to close all the holes and cracks.

• It is equally important to move the stored waste items in the balcony or the exterior side of the home.

• One of the effective ways to control silverfish is to cover and repair the shake walls of the house. It is one of the easiest ways for silverfish to enter and hence it should be taken care of very frequently.

• You can also make use of pesticides and chemical solutions available in the market to avoid silverfish.

• Make sure you read the instructions carefully and then start handling the product. There are chances for you to get hurt because of those products.

Silverfish Control professional services in Australia:

• Silverfish are one of those insects that cannot be controlled so quickly with the help of homemade solutions and pesticides.

• So it is essential to notice your surroundings and nearby places.

• If you are not able to handle them, then it is best to hire professionals to clean them out.

Professionals Pest Controller have appropriate knowledge on how to handle the silver fishes and with what they can handle. So it the situation is out of your control then it is advisable to call the professionals to get rid of all those insects.

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