There are hordes of articles about keeping a home clean. The clutter of cleaner home materials in the internet is hard to keep up with-ironic, isn’t it?

But, rules for a cleaner home shouldn’t be so difficult to follow. Who has got the time to spend hours cleaning a home on a daily basis after all? No one. Here are some effective but easy to follow rules for a cleaner home:

  1. Pick up immediately after making a mess- this rule is golden and more effective than anything else. If you keep piling up mess on mess, it will take hours cleaning and so much more energy as well. Instead clean up right after, it will only take minutes. Dropped clothes on the floor when getting ready? Just pick them up and put them in  a basket or hanger once you are ready to go. Your kids made a mess during playtime? Teach them to clean up the basics and always make them follow it.
  2. Clean carpets- vacuum your carpets once or twice every week with special attention to nooks and corners and areas under furniture. Carpet Steam Cleaning make a home look clean as well. Also, regular cleaning of carpet extends its life and maintains air quality in your household.
  3. Clean curtains- cleaner curtains also help to maintain a cleaner looking household. And, you don’t have to do it daily. Hire professional curtains cleaning services every once in a while or use that washing machine you have to clean washable curtains. For dry clean only curtains, hand it to the dry cleaners.
  4. Clean upholstery- before vacuuming your carpets, dust off the walls and hanging and vacuum the upholstery. Clean furniture takes away from any other mess and makes your interior look clean as well.
  5. Make your bed everything- this is a mantra that not only helps in keeping a household clean but also improves your productivity. Making your bed the first thing in the morning makes you feel accomplished inspiring a series of more accomplishments throughout the day.
  6. Proper storage- everything in your household needs to have a place. Let everyone in the family know that. Label things and make sure everything is put in place after use. This allows for less clutter, less confusion and saves time as well.
  7. Clean the kitchen after every meal- don’t let that small dropping stay idle, pick it up as soon as you drop it. Spilled some milk? Wipe it off right away. Clean the dishes after every mean. These simple steps can help greatly in keeping your kitchen clean and fresh. Also, food droppings are how cockroaches and other insects get into your kitchen, so be very cautious about it.
  8. Less is more- this is such an important mantra for a cleaner home. The minimalist lifestyle with less things, more space and less trash is the best possible way to keep your home clean without putting too much effort into Carpet Cleaning. Opt for more organic and green food. Don’t bombard your interior with a plethora of furniture and other items. Keep the decor minimalistic, it will clean itself. free call As today :- 0410 452 014


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