When it is talk about blood stains on your mattress then they are one of the stubborn stains on your mattress and mattresses are one of the more confusing items to clean in general. When there are blood stains on your mattress then it is quite difficult to get rid from them and to remove these stains become all the more difficult.

Mattress cleaning
Mattress cleaning

If you want to remove this stain from your mattress then it is not sufficient to give only a good scrub to your mattress or soak it in water, hoping that the stain would go away. When there are stains of blood on mattress then it will quickly hug to the fibers in your mattress. The faster you tend to the stain and work to remove the blood from the mattress, the easier the process of removing blood stains from mattress will be. In that situation if you want to remove blood stains out of a mattress, you must first remove as much of the excess blood as possible by a thorough cleaning of the area. Another important part of the process is letting the mattress dry fully, because a damp mattress can quickly become moldy. The blood components from mattress especially very hard to remove once they oxidize and dry, so it’s best to tackle a blood stain while it’s still relatively fresh. Here we discuss some another methods which help to remove the stains from mattress.

Mattress cleaning-1
Mattress Suffered with Blood cleaning

Methods to remove blood stains from mattress:-


  • The most effective method to remove the stains from mattress is by using oxygenated enzyme cleaner is a powerful cleaning solution and it is also available at most grocery stores, which helps to eliminate blood stains. You have also chosen oxygenated bleach enzyme cleaner which helps to break down all the stains at a molecular level by oxidizing blood bonds and removing the color from hemoglobin.
  • You have also used table salt and hydrogen peroxide and after that it should be mixed into a magic stain removal potion. After that you have to take hydrogen peroxide out of the first aid closet to be used for first aid for your mattress. When there is use of salt and peroxide work wonderfully to remove the stain causing proteins in blood.
  • If you are thinking about to use home-made remedies then at that time baking soda and vinegar is a tried-and-tested solution that can budge even the most stubborn of stains. For that you have to mix one-part baking soda with two-parts of cold water. After that you have to apply baking soda directly on the stain and then spray the area with white vinegar and let it should be sit for few minutes. After that it should be completely cleaned with a cloth and after that soaked with cold water. After that you have to dry it with towel to remove moisture.

These are few methods which ensure you that your mattress is protected from unpleasant stains and lasts longer.

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