If you are thinking to clean your carpet using shampoo or any kind of steam cleaning machine, then it would be better to hire a carpet cleaning professional to do the process. Since it requires correct and appropriate knowledge, it is essential to clean the carpet in a correct way when you are using a steam cleaning process or a shampoo. So if at all you have sufficient knowledge about cleaning the carpet with the steam cleaning process or any kind of shampoo, then here are a few information about it.

Difference Between Steam and Shampoo Cleaning Methods:

  •    Firstly, there is a lot of difference between steam cleaning and carpet cleaning methods with shampoo.
  •    Cleaning the carpet with shampoo is probably one of the oldest methods of cleaning the carpets.
  •    As far as the carpet cleaning method with shampoo is concerned, it removes all sort of dirt and allergens from the carpet very quickly. It works effectively.
  •    A shampoo that is used for carpet cleaning should be thick and it should be able to generate thick foam.
  •    Using shampoo is a great way to remove all the dirt and germs easily from the carpet. Carpet cleaning service done with shampoo are proved to be effective since the olden days.
  •    Carpet Dry Cleaning method is also one of the very effective ways of cleaning the carpets. But it is entirely different from carpet shampooing.
  •    Steam cleaning method requires a lot of knowledge and experience, it is for sure an effective way of cleaning but then it requires a lot of knowledge and effort as well.

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Method of Steam and Shampoo Cleaning:

  •    When it comes to shampoo cleaning, you should first choose a proper shampoo that can be used to clean the carpets.
  •    Shampoo removes all sort of dust and allergens from the carpet, but then it is essential to remove the shampoo also after cleaning.
  •    Leftover shampoo can also create further issues, so it is necessary to remove all the shampoo that you have applied on it during the carpet cleaning service.
  •    Make sure you remove the shampoo entirely from the carpet post to cleaning. Drying it properly is also one of the necessary steps to follow.
  •    Carpet should be entirely dried after removing the shampoo. Make sure you use a clean cloth, remove all the shampoo from the carpet and dry it thoroughly.
  •    When it comes to the steam cleaning process, it is essential to have proper knowledge on how to use the machine and in what way should it be used.
  •    Steam cleaner removes the dirt and allergens from the carpet very quickly with the help of hot water.
  •    High temperature always helps the carpet to get cleaned in the best way. So steam cleaning method is equally effective as shampoo and sometimes it is proved to clean much better.
  •    So, if you do not have correct and appropriate knowledge of the steam cleaning process, it would be better to hire professional carpet cleaning services.  

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