Experts continuously advise that all types of vertical blinds should be cleaned in the usual position while they are hanging, especially if the blinds are made up of plastic, fabric or wood. Most of the people believe that soaking and washing the blinds by removing them will give perfect results. This will completely damage the blinds by fraying the blind fabrics. Besides all installing the blinds back to its place it little tricky job. By considering all the issues it is concluded that cleaning the vertical blinds without removing is the best option to reduce the damage risks. By following some easy steps you can easily clean the vertical blinds from the place itself. Before you start the cleaning process it is very important to note the blind’s cleaning instruction to avoid damages. Follow the below simple steps for Vertical Blinds Cleaning Brisbane without taking them down.

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Dusting The Blinds

If you have vacuum cleaner your dusting job will become easy, if not use the microfiber cloth to dust the blinds. By dusting the blinds you can dislodge the loose dust and dirt accumulated on the blinds. Do not use the duster that is featherweight because they will push the dust and dirt around, will not actually dislodge them. Use the blind duster that is specially designed to clean the blinds. Use your old sock to remove the loose dirt and dust from the blinds. This is the cheap and best option that works effectively to remove the dirt from the blinds. When you start dusting the blinds start from the top and reach towards the bottom of the blind. Repeat the same process to clean the entire slat.

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Vacuum The Blinds

After dusting the blinds if you feel the results are not up to mark just use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt successfully from the vertical blinds. Use the long brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner to remove the loose dirt and dust from the blinds. Vacuum from the top and work towards the bottom of the blinds. Make sure you completely remove the dirt and dust from the blinds. This process is very important to avoid unhooking of the slats.

Clean The Vertical Blinds

Take a medium sized bowl and mix dilute detergent in warm water. dip the microfiber cloth in the mixture and squeeze the excess liquid from the cloth. Make the cloth dam dry and wipe each slat. When you start wiping the blinds work from the top to bottom and pull the stains and remaining dirt to downside. After cleaning each slat rinse the cloth in clean and fresh water. While cleaning the blinds if the solution becomes too dirty change the solution.

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Finally, These three amazing steps will completely remove the dirt, dust, and stains from the blinds. Dry the blinds by switching on the ceiling fans and stand fans. Open the windows to fasten the drying process.

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