There is a vast difference in between traditional and modern Carpet Cleaning methods. In conventional carpet cleaning methods, household ideas and organic techniques are used. These methods have no side-effects while current methods involve the use of toxic products to remove the stain.

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Compare Modern and Traditional Carpet Cleaning Methods?

The difference between modern and traditional carpet cleaning methods are depicted in the table:-

ParametersTraditional MethodsModern Methods
Quantity of waterLarge quantity of water requires to wash the mats.Carpet steam cleaning method requires small amount of water.
Health issues High low
Fabric QualityReducesFabric quality remain same after taking Carpet Cleaning Services
Response TimeLowFast
Dry timeThis technique requires more time to dry.The methods contained in the modern techniques take less time to dry.
Use of MachinesNo machines are used to clean the carpetHeavy machines are used by the professional carpet cleaners.
CostVery low almost negligibleVery high depends upon the method used by the professionals.
Carpet Steam Cleaning

Explain Any Two Modern Techniques Used by the Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Modern techniques involve the use of heavy machines and chemicals to remove the stain from the carpet. These are given as follows:-

  1. Use of Hot Water Extraction Method- In this technique, hot water of very high temperature is used to expel the stain and dirt from the fabric. A right amount of detergent is mixed in hot water. The mixture is poured in the machines used by the experts. The machines itch with the carpet, and finally, a mat is dried using the machines.
  2. Bonnet Cleaning- This technique is used in hotels and offices. This is a useful surface cleaning method as this method removes the stain from the upper layer. The machines used on the carpet depress the soil in the lower layer of the carpet which comes out after some time.

Explain the Traditional Methods of Carpet Cleaning?

The traditional methods involve the use of household ideas to clean the carpet. This includes the use of household detergents, brushes and cleaning agents to remove the stain from the carpet. This process expels the dirt from the inner as well as outer layer. Traditional methods also restore the carpets using carpet restoration methods. If the fabric of the carpet burned and torn, then it is reconstructed using the homemade techniques.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Better from Traditional Methods?

There are various reasons that people opt for Professional Carpet Cleaning Services rather than homemade techniques. Firstly, the carpet becomes dry easily in no time using carpet extraction methods while other method takes a long time. Moreover, fabric cleaned using professional carpet cleaners maintain the quality of the carpets while other way damages the carpet after some time.


Overall, it is concluded that professional carpet cleaner methods are better than traditional techniques. It is clear that modern methods are useful for offices and hotels while household methods are suitable for household people.

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